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We have about 250,000 available currently with, over 4 million feminized photos in stock as well. We are confident our Feminized STock offers one of the best values around when ordering in bulk for your farm. Checkout the website or fill out the form below!


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t1 (trump Hemp)

T1 Feminized Hemp seeds come from a crossing of The Wife and the Afghan Skunk. The results…well they are Fantastic. Delta Hemp Company grew over 100,000 of these in 2020 along with about 5 other strains, and they told us that the T1 performed the best in the Mid-West climate, compared to all other strains they grew. Fatter buds, less rot. 

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Cherry Blossom

Most of the hemp grown today has some Cherry in it. In 2018 it’s all that was around, now there are 100’s of hemp strains. Guess where they call came from Cherry Blossom, Cherry Wine, and the Wife. When you grow Gem Hemp Genetics you know you aren’t getting watered down genetics, that have been stepped on by opportunistic hemp breeders. Some of the biggest farms in the country have purchased Cherry Blossom from us in bulk to resell to other farmers. 

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